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Environmentally Friendly Cockroach Control Sydney

If you have cockroaches at home or work, whether in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen, you definitely want to eliminate all the cockroaches and avoid them re-appearing in unpleasant surprises.

In Australia, there are many cockroaches variations, including German, American and Oriental cockroaches. We know how to deal with the different types of cockroaches in order to eradicate them effectively and make your dream come true.

We can assure you and your family excellent cockroaches control results, being in the business for over 20 years, we use environmentally friendly solutions to make sure we deliver exceptional results to your family or business. Our full licensed & insured team guarantees no mess, no smell.

What are the signs of a cockroach infestation?

The earlier you spot you have got cockroaches at home, the easier it becomes to eliminate them and their infestations. Look for their faeces and droppings, ranging from tiny pepper stains or coffee grounds to larger pellets. You will also find ootheca, which is the roach egg case, as the cockroaches start feeling more at home.

Can you smell cockroaches?

If you start smelling an oily smell or a musty odour, it is probably time you call a pest control specialist. You will start seeing the cockroaches more at night or dark rooms, but soon enough you will unpleasantly see them all the time.
If you see a dead cockroach, this does not mean the infestation is over. You still need to talk to a pest control specialist, as it is more like ongoing.

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